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Paradigm Training Center is Houston's premiere training facility for Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  Our dedicated coaching staff brings world-class expertise in a friendly and supportive environment.




Learn authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with our black-belt instructors from Grappling Fight Team. Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Houston.


Strength & Conditioning

Push yourself in our functional fitness classes to achieve peak conditioning.



Experience the largest and most modern Mixed Martial Arts facility in Houston.


Train alongside the city's top collegiate and youth talent.

Paradigm Youth Program

  • I am so excited to be back training at @paradigmtrainingcenter. I recently returned and I couldn't be happier with the gym. The staff, the facility, old and new friends have welcomed me back with open arms. It is wonderful to be home, and I encourage any aspiring fighters, wrestlers and Bjj practitioners to join us. You won't find a better school in Houston.
    — Ty McMahon
  • I've been coming to paradigm gym for awhile now as my work schedule permits. I really love it. They offer bjj, mma, kickboxing, wrestling and fitness classes. I love the kickboxing classes and it really gets you sweating. Everyone is really nice and they will always give you tips if your form needs correction. There are a lot of mma gyms out there but I guarantee you this is the best and most affordable one! Gi try a kickboxing class for free and you will be convinced!
    — Linda E.
  • Paradigm Training Center is about to open an 11,000 square foot second location. They will be offering BJJ, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing with a ring, MMA with a Fight Cage and they will also be adding Judo to the lineup. Simply the best value in the city and great people to workout with! On top of all this our coaches are some of the best you will find! What's holding you back? PTC #1
    — John Grange
  • Great training center with the best jiu jitsu in Houston. The staff is also very friendly. Highly recommended!
    — David C.


For all your fight wear & gear!

Everything you need for the MMA way of life.

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