We are so excited to announce Leroy Vazquez as the Coach of Paradigm's MMA Program. Leroy has long been a leader on our team and now will formally step into the roll of Coach!

See a statement from Coach Leroy below:

"I have a passion for mixed martial arts. I started competing in MMA well past my athletic prime which meant I usually fought quicker, faster, and younger opponents. Fortunately with age comes wisdom so I prepared myself by working as hard as I could and I utilized all of the resources, classes, teammates, and coaches available to me at Paradigm Training Center. I went 6-1 as an amateur and finished my amateur career as the Cage Combat lightweight champion. As a professional I am currently 2-0. After 5 years actively training and competing based out of Paradigm Training Center, I feel I have learned what it takes to be successful in this sport. I look forward to a new chapter in my career as a coach, and having the opportunity to help my teammates and a new generation of Paradigm fighters to achieve their goals.

There are several keys to success in the game of Mixed Martial Arts: striking, Grappling, Wrestling, cardio and physical conditioning, among others. I am by no means an expert in all of these areas. I see my role as MMA coach as being a leader and helping to guide our athletes to leverage all of the resources we have at Paradigm and put them together with an effective strategy. This is the recipe for success that worked for me, and I am certain it will work for others!”